Machine Specifications

X Axis13 in330 mm
Y Axis (approx)13 in330 mm
Z Axis14 in355 mm
Spindle Nose to Table (~max)17 in430 mm
Spindle Nose to Table (~min)4 in100 mm

Rapids on X350 ipm9,000 mmpm
Rapids on Y350 ipm9,000 mmpm
Rapids on Z250 ipm6,350 mmpm

Milling feedrates can be assumed to be roughly 25% derated from rapid feedrates, though the actual amount varies due to factors such as material choice and cutter engagement.

Max Power Rating5 hp3.7 kW
Max Speed12000 rpm12000 rpm
Max Torque17.4 ft-lbs23.6 N-m
Drive SystemBeltBelt
Bearing LubricationSealed GreaseSealed Grease
Bearing Size70107010

A spindle is the heart of the machine and is of critical importance to all operation. We use (4) oversized ABEC 7 7010 bearings in our spindle that are capable of speeds of over 12000 rpm. The spindle is configured for use with BT30 tool holders which is a standard tooling system available worldwide from innumerable suppliers. Rigid tapping and tool changing is achieved through closed loop feedback on the spindle. Vector frequency drive technology powers the spindle allowing maximum torque at any rpm.

Linear Rail Size X1 in25 mm
Linear Rail Size Y1 in25 mm
Linear Rail Size Z1.1875 in30 mm
Ballscrew Size X1 in25 mm
Ballscrew Size Y1 in25 mm
Ballscrew Size Z1.25 in32 mm

Our homing method was not spared from scrutiny. Nothing is worse the have a machine error out in the middle of the job. If that happens you have to rehome the machine, but depending on the quality of the sensors, it doesn’t always home to the exact same positions. Our machine uses a Z index homing pulse in addition to inductive sensors. This means it will first home using the inductive sensor, then continue travel until the encoder on the stepper axis motor sends an index pulse. That means when it homes, it will home on the dot every single time. In addition, it also makes the ball screw map more consistent and increases repeatability of high tolerance parts. 

Electrical SpecificationSAEMetric
Input AC Voltage (1 Phase)240 VAC240 VAC
Max Running Amps (1 Phase)30 A30 A

The mill comes with Centroid CNC control which is a robust, easy to use motion processing package ready to accept g-code from CAM packages or Centroids internal part programming conversational software INTERCON which can create programs through entering dimensions. Unlike other controllers, centroid uses a separate and dedicated computer and buffer for path planning alongside the main computer used for the graphical user interface. This division of computers provides protection from software interruptions that can occur for milliseconds, yet still enough time to result in incorrect paths being sent to the axis drivers. 

Casting Weight (approx)1500lb680kg
Full Machine Weight (approx)2440 lb1106 kg
Width (approx)31.5 in815 mm
Height (approx)48 in1,225 mm
Depth (approx)52 in1,325 mm

The cast iron frame is excellent for its vibration dampening characteristics and is the most common choice for machinery.  We have designed the machine to be compact enough to fit through a standard sized door. 

Length19.75 in500 mm
Width13.75 in350 mm
T-Slot Width.505 in14 mm
T-Slot Center Distance3.15 in80 mm
Number of T-Slots33